5th Annual Marjaan Basketball Tournament

Asalaam Alaikum all,

As you know, we just had our 5th Annual Marjaan Basketball Tournament on Sunday June 10th, 2012. Alhumdillah, the tournament was a great success from the will of Allah and through the contributions of the volunteers, sponsors and competitors attending the event. We want to thank all of you for making this the best Marjaan Basketball Tournament thus far!

Just a quick recap of the tournament. Alhumdillah, we had 29 teams compete from the Southeast Region – approximately 300 people including the volunteers. After Dhur Prayer, Mufti Asif Pouchi gave a short talk on the importance of “Unity” and working together as a Jamah (Group). Mufti Asif drew parallels between basketball and Jamah. He compared how basketball requires working together to achieve a goal which is to get the ball in the basket. Similarly, as muslims we need to leverage one another to be thrive in this world and the hereafter. Working alone makes one more vulnerable versus the power of working together which unparallel.
This year, the winner of the tournament were:


1st Place: Toon Squad (Adiyats)

2nd Place: ATL Rat Pack

3rd Place: CakeTown


1st Place: Eastside All Stars

2nd Place: It’s Too Easy

3rd Place: Masjid As Sunnah


I just want to reiterate the purpose of the tournament is to seek the pleasure of Allah (swt) by creating a positive outlet for the youth and foster brotherhood.

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Once again, we would like to thank all the sponsors:

2012 Marjaan Basketball Tournament Sponsors

1. Helping Hand
3. Masjid Abdullah
4. Al-Farooq Masjid
5. Darus Salaam Masjid
6. Qableet Salaam
7. Roswell Community Masjid
8. Masjid Al-Hedaya
9. Bulldog Insurance
10. Atlanta Muslim Young Professional
11. Advanced Neurology
12. Anonymous Donors



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